I demanded confirmation and they said they couldn't provide any but that a supervisor would email me. Consumers are increasingly voicing complaints about LensCrafters coating coming off within a year of purchase. You can write a Lenscrafters.com complaint or post a warning about Lenscrafters.com including Lenscrafters.com's service or product safety. When I got there, associate Betty Boykin looked for my glasses and could not find them. What? I believe i have a very valid problem which needs to be rectified by a replacement lens, not one which requires payment. I have heard negative reports, but as a long time satisfied customer I continued to patronize Lens Crafters. When I returned to have the lens replaced, they gave some reason as to why it could not happen & I bit again. Dr. Michael Chin called my daughter for her exam did not greet us or introduce himself like MOST DOCTORS do. We were not greeted and had to find an associate for help. Once, however, I ordered lenses and frames from the optical department of a major department store and couldn't see properly when I received them. Well if being blurry is the norm, I don't think so. I hate to say this however, I really felt discriminated against. I asked for a refund on my eye exam and was informed after the improper diagnosis I would not be refunded. I would like to talk with a representative. He seemed very annoyed like he did't feel like working. Less than a year they failed and the coating was looking all scratched i went to the Lens Crafters in Fairview Hts IL and was told there is nothing they could do but sell me another pair. First I scheduled an appointment for me and my daughter online. I drove almost 2 hours to this location as I live out of state & my husband who drove me recently suffered a heart attack. We will have to eat the lenses, of course. He said, computer lens. Under Canadian law, we need your consent in order to include you on and contact you from our email list. During my eye examination Angela brought me back to begin the prescreening prior to the doctor examination. On 6/9/2019, I still had not hear from her, so I called her back. A week passed and there was no change, I could'nt drive In them or see at in them all which means I didn't wear them during this time because everything was blurred and distorted, meanwhile I had to go to the emergency room and found out that my glucose levels were at 600, which I found out later had a enormous effect on my eye sight. He also informed me the pressure test was not recorded by Angela. I'm wearing the newly purchased lenses today, and I noticed they are the same I originally ordered. As a result my 1 lens of merely 8 mo. Brian said you paid $116 and $185. Bought 3 pairs of glasses at this lens crafter, 2 pairs for me and one pair for husband, glasses were too take about 10 days, didn't get one till 14 days any my husband longer then that. To have these replaced first they tell me with even having the insurance i have to pay a 25.00 copay. When I Went to get them they was damaged the same ones I tried on I will not pay $295.00 for damage eye ware. ORDERED ANOTHER PAIR WITHOUT KNOWING THAT PERSCRIPTION WAS WRONG BECAUSE I HADN'T WORN GLASSES A WHOLE DAY AND THOUGHT IT WAS JUST GETTING ADJUSTED FOR THE FIRST TIME NO LINE BI-FOCAL . To whom it may concern, My father ordered prescription glasses from Lenscrafters at towncenter mall in Kennesaw Ga. We did not get any phone call from them so I called after 3 weeks. She lied to me The statement definitely was not correct. I turned in a complaint form asking for a pair of Rx sunglasses for free as resolution. Needless to say it did not work. I was only refunded for the glasses. We ordered glasses and asked that they be shipped to another Lens Crafters out of state and we would pick them up there (kid in college). This would be fair and also give Lenscrafters some time to eliminate this problem. Free eye exam every year, free pair of glasses every year . Average Customer Rating. Review/Comment; Update Listing; Be the first to contribute and share your personal experience with LensCrafters customer service! I certainly could have paid the $45 and skipped a manicure but I walked out of the office after telling them of my displeasure. Their warranty is good for only 30 days - this isn't a used car - other competitors have longer warranties. My wife has advanced Parkinson disease, she is disabled and was in a wheelchair. They are now aware that Lenscrafters should not have charged me and should not be paid. Appellant LensCrafters appeals the district court's order remanding the case to state court for failure to timely file for removal. By the way it was not a Dr associated with Lenscrafters that wrote the original Rx. I purchased a box of lenses and noticed my vision for distance wasn't the greatest. LensCrafters Overview. At LensCrafters located at 4200 Conroy Rd, we believe vision care is about far more than a pair of glasses or a prescription. Contact Form. So we walked out, we left. 3 weeks ago at the time of purchase they were being sent out to Ohio. I can tell you that this is not the first time this has happened and only the left lens. Maybe I need to get a lawyer involved???????????? The first step is to call the complaints line on 1-877-753-6727. I bought two pairs of glasses in march.one pair had a scuff on the lens, I was told I have to buy new lenses , I think I should get some consideration on this problem. It's unfortunate the time, gas, and money spent to travel to LensCrafter just to receive a duplicate prescription isn't good customer service. Shame on them. I gave it a couple of days, and then went over to Lenscrafters with the glasses. I was being nice and Regina had no reason to lash out at me. I WAITED THREE AND A HALF HOURS AND LEFT THERE WITHOUT GLASSES STILL. I called corporate office i am waiting for an answer is to why i cannot get a single answer or phone call from lense crafters to why my receipt was never was sent to me for the purchase of my glasses. Lets see what happens what happens after few days. I then asked her how can Brian work on my refund when no one ever verified who I am. I was told yes they are and that made my decision on the care plan, less than 90 - days in to wearing and caring for my new glasses very carefully, the scratch resistant lens developed light scratches that were affecting my eye sight, how could scratch resistant lens scratch. Dseyeman Send email : Mar 16, 2012 Bad prescription . Simply use our free form and your feedback will be instantly forwarded for review. I HAVE NEVER HEAD OF A RETAILOR CHARGING MORE CAUSE YOU USE INSURANCE. Or as a happy client you can describe the great products & services offered. On that date I was told by Marcie (floor Manager) that the Rep Jade took my money but did not order my frames. The Rep told me that I could come within 1 hour to pick up my glasses. LensCrafters is an international retailer of prescription eyewear and prescription sunglasses. I called prior to going for appt. I will no longer get glasses from you nor will I recommend anyone to use you after giving you my business for 15 yrs. I do not want to wait any longer, and I want the $600 back on my card so that I can go get a pair of glasses NOW. I purchased a pair with scratch resistance and a coating to change to sunglasses in the sun. By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. No more. She never called, so I called the stose on the same day 6/8/2019. My glasses are to stretched out and I am pushing them up on my face 5 times a minute at least. This is the second pair this has happened to. Review Latest Reports. That he just never showed up for work one day. I have expensive pair of sunglasses that are not sunglasses. I told Brian that I have been going back and forward with this store for too long due to too many error by the employees their. I informed her that I came in for a refund. Per rep the eyes should adjust to the lenses in few day. I TOLD HIM ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND COWORKERS ARE ASKING WHY I HAVEN'T GOTTEN MY NEW GLASSES AND I HAVE TOLD THEM THAT I CAN'T GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER FROM LENSCRAFTERS. Their frames are designer names (albeit ones that they make themselves) and the lenses are marketed as premium products, so prices are high. It is NOT my problem, even though your staff is trying to say it is. I sincerely hope there is something you can do. To be honest, this problem should have been corrected some time ago. The salesperson said that I could only buy a frame that was currently in their showcase and was extremely adamant about it. what the hex! I'm a senior citizen 73 yrs. No one would do anything to help me. I arrived at the store after 5:00 pm. They came in 2 days late. I walked out-goodbye Lenscrafters. After that, Lenscrafters gave me at least one pair of new lenses at no additional charge. I am bringing this to corporate because at the store level I felt like they thought I was making the whole thing up and that what was said to me had no or carried not relevance. LensCrafters | Eyeglasses, Prescription Glasses Online & Eyewear: Description: Shop LensCrafters' selection of eyeglasses, prescription glasses online, sunglasses, frames or contacts. Upon arriving home I notice he burnt the edges of both my lenses. She was extremely rude, when my husband told her that we wanted basic lenses she said, "you can't put plastic lenses in Ray Ban's" in a very sarcastic and demeaning way. but they could sell me another pair for a discount,imagine that. Unfortunately they didn’t have the contacts I needed to try them out so she had them ordered. I would like a refund for the error on Lenscrafters behalf. She they had a new doctor re-examine me and she determined the problem was that they needed to add the stigmatism into the contacts. The company has its corporate headquarters in Mason, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. I have had many different eye glasses adjusted about 100x with yes, older frames too. 1-262-388-3055 thanks. Regina should be relieved of her job from Lenscrafters because she obviously doesn't have the customer service skills required to work retail. Need to contact the Lenscrafters corporate office? She tried to blame it on the fact that LC needs time to process prescriptions (time which they clearly indicate on their website will take 5-7 business days, and never mind the fact that we are now ELEVEN days out from when I placed my order). I was unable to focus and have nerves affected,severe eye strain, and a lot of reflections and light sensitivity. Please help me I cannot afford another pair of glasses. I have even purchased nose pads and they still fall because the bows are so stretched out. The East Cobb store needs a total overhaul or they'll be out of business. OK, they got the sale of new frames they informed me would be able to be used for another pair of lenses. Five days later, since I couldn't return original purchase lenses, I bought the lenses for distance. And that I would need to pay a copay before they could honor what was told to me in the first place. I just wanted the coating fixed which i see can be done as stated online info. Spoke to someone named Chris he said they had the frame he asked for my VSP information ran it through as a sale he said quoted me $58 put them on hold so we can come get them on Thursday 7/26/ 2018. Who can I speak to? The glasses he pulled out of the display drawer were my sunglass frames! On average users reported $741.67 of damages. After ALL that I went through (see previous review), I just found out just now that Lenscrafters CHARGED MY CARD TODAY!!! She tried couple of frames, and left them back where they could be visibly seen and left. After many years of having glasses “adjusted” as well in other countries, Europe, Mexico, and the U.S., I have never had this unfortunate incident happen to me. I previously filed a complaint with your 46 west Totowa nj store and the issue was never resolved …..addressed Never Resolved......contact info is the same ,,,,,Mr. John Benjamin 862 232 4942 johnbenjamin73@yahoo.com.....The original complaint should still be in your system....Thanks. I accepted that offer because my son really liked his frames. As a result of the terrible service at this store, I told them to refund my money. Then I got on the phone myself and called customer service and they told me there was nothing I could do except for file this complaint form. Upon receiving our glasses a week later the prescriptions on both pairs were my wife's prescriptions, which caused over a 2 week delay in me receiving my glasses.Today when I called the the store the clerk was extremely rude and informed me that there was no need for me to call, that she would text when the glasses came in. I SPENT A LOTOF MONEY FOR GLASSES THAT I HAVE NOT RECEIVED AND HAD TO PUT UP WITH BEING TALKED TO IN THAT MANNER. I have been in eye care for 30ys, hate to break it to you, but that bad rx is based on your responses during the exam. I would not recommend LensCrafters to anyone. Cassandra Marks. Someone better get back to me on this or I will be going to someone on this. I got them back again and I can read out of them but I cannot see my computer without looking out of my readers. I got the new prescription on June 7, 2018. I was told that they were probably lost in shipment and that a new pair would be covered by the store. Yesterday 1/7/19 my husband an I arrived at Lenscrafters around 4pm. Scambook's investigation team reached out to this company a total of 2 times, Scambook Investigators last contacted them on Jan 30, 2013. I purchased my new lens on April 16, 2019 at you Avon, st store. When I arrived at the Buford location I was greeted by an associate. ZIP Code. At this point I feel we should be offered a free pair of frames. Marcie offered $25 off my frame purchase. Yeah, we can't oder your glasses for you due to your Rx and our Processing Guidelines have changed. And we will probably not be back. Need for someone to call me 903-491-6620. He was RUDE (he did not yell but his temperament with my father & I was very mean because my dad couldn't see through the lenses & he didn't really felt like dealing with us). I HAD been a customer of Lens crafters for over 10yrs as of today I no longer need the stress! When My frames finally came in on 2-2-19. Any consumer should have the RIGHT to cancel an order IMMEDIATELY if the company fails to provide the PROMISED services that were paid for! and these in 2017? No problem. The sales guy was super nice. Schedule an eye exam at a location near you. We thought we were "finishing up" and then she said. Instead of building rapport, she condescendingly ordered me around, instead of asking me what my preferences might be; including directing me to have my Anthem Blue Cross Rep. to calll her directly (Natalie). Yes! I asked Jimmy to have the Manager call me. The sales associate informed me there was not a number to call, there is no way to contact lens crafters except through the store. Sign me up to receive emails & offers from LensCrafters. Vision is a precious gift that we are passionate about improving in every way. The lenses had not been cut and the glasses were not ready although the person who cuts the lenses came in at 1:00 that day. I quickly stopped him immediately. I ORDERED GLASSES 12-27-1 RECEIVED THEM 1-17-12 THE PRESCRIPTION WAS WRONG AFTER BEING CHARGED FOR AN … It’s never gone to this. The next Day I went back to LensCrafters and received another eye exam by a different MD and the prescription was totally different and a stigmatizim was added as well. Website: LensCrafters Website LensCrafters Customer Service Opening Times N/A - Edit. Then I asked about the 40% off and she said since I was using an insurance card I would not get the discount or be able to get a better pair of glasses with the 40% reduction in price. The new ones came in and I still could not read but could see distance. I origionally ordered gray, but was told by the sales associate that the upgrade only came in blue, In the store the sales associate also sold me that upgrade to Polaroid and a darker lens for about an additional $60.00 — and that amount was charged to my credit card. So, I don't have my glasses, which I desperately require for reading and are paid for in full. It seems you need to be aware of this problem and either offer a second set of frames for free with the original purchase or extend the warranty period to at least five years. The first pair they said they could not put new lenses in made sense to me. Upon arriving, I was interviewed by JAMES & I again asked before I would have the exam that a PD measurement would be available. Brian is not a good look for LensCrafter. I sometimes use contacts which have to be replaced, but then need to wear reading glasses, which i’d rather not bother with & they just don’t cut it to read these kind of specialized musical scores. They expect to be able to resolve the majority of complaints at this stage, but if not there are basic further steps to take to seek a … Search . husband left me for a beautiful blonde who was 18 years old and 110 lbs.Me?I'm a 1, 000 lb. !Give me a break!!! LensCrafters. Eyegirl, I work as a certified optician for LensCrafters. Welcome to the Lenscrafters complaints department brought to you by HissingKitty. My old glasses fit fine and they are ray bans. That was two weeks ago and I have not seen the refund show up in my account yet. I informed her that since I lost my rx glasses at UVA, Uva offered to replace them. I wasn't looking for something for nothing, I just wanted LensCrafters to fix my glasses and do the right thing to keep me as a customer. I had to book my appointment 4 times just to arrive and be told sorry we made your appointment incorrectly we will have to reschedule you again. That was 2 weeks ago, and there's been no reply. THE MANAGER/DOCTOR REFUSED TO GIVE ME ANOTHER EYE EXAMED AND EXPLAINED HOW THE MONEY WOULD COME OUT OF THE STORE IF THEY CORRECTED THE LENSES FROM OTHER STORE, EXCUSE ME. I took them to Lenscrafters on 1/21/2019 to order the prescription lenses. I told him that there is a middle section of the lens and I asked him, "what is that called"? That it was an extra expense but that lenscrafters would cover it. She placed me on hold and found the frames. Find more data about lenscrafters. I would like my credit card credited 35.37. I ordered a pair of progressive glasses on January 10, 2018 and it's now February 2, 2018 and still no glasses. On April 4, 2005, appellees filed a putative class action in state court, alleging various labor code violations. My Husband & I went to Kingsway Mall Location on Monday July 11, 2016. When we called the following day they were to be delivered- the East Cobb store said they did not have the address to the other store and would we please call back with the manager name and address??? Appt. Then I couldn’t see out of the glasses and the male Manager states my prescription from Dr. Sanchez was weaker than my current one. Unlike bifocals or ordinary progressive lenses, only Varilux progressive lenses help you achieve the most natural vision possible.. KEY BENEFITS: I want this to be sent to the CEO for his/her review. I’ve paid and haven’t received what I prepaid for. I went into the St Clairsville Lens crafters. So I feel I am being ripped off of about $120 whilst being insulted for my bad vocal cord. Nick at Lenscrafters Macy's in Tukwila, WA, went ahead and gave me my refund of 65.00 which was randomly charged to my account. For ophthalmic eyewear, to the extent permitted by law, Luxottica excludes all liability for repairing or replacing prescription lenses, including where the prescription lenses are damaged or lost due to a product manufacturing defect. I will spend my money with a company who appreciated customer loyalty and can so me respect and customer service. My Versace frames were not back but, my son frames were. I told him that wasn't true. I went back to Lenscrafters for the fourth time. 2d 753 — Brought to you by Free Law Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating high quality open legal information. I can scan and send it promptly. Jasmine told me that my eyeglasses were "getting their finishing touches" (hmmm, that sounds familiar), and that they would be mailed out within TWENTY-FOUR TO FORTY-EIGHT HOURS! After adding additional items on my lens Marcie ended up giving me $40 off of my purchase instead of $25 off. So I got stuck with a style did not want and a size too big for my face because of the discomfort I feel at the earlobes. NEVER GOT IT. During the exam my 10year was asking a few questions and his responses were very short and stern, he cut her off continously not even mid sentence as if her questions did not matter. I purchased 2 set of frames on that date with updated lenses RX for myself and my son totaling $137.91 out of pocket after insurance. What kind of charting do you guys have going on here!!! Is there anything that can be done to expedite a replacement? I will tell all my friend and face book followers they are not about a satisfied customer it all about there commission, check all the other complaints seem to be saying the same. We were there 2 years ago & all was fine. A big waste of time. Ridiculous! The total that I should have paid was $99.15. The frame an color not in stock. Again, Hal Whitford is a Long Time, Loyal Customer of Lenscrafters. By th way I went to your location on S Florida Ave in Lakeland. dseyeman +1133 !! Jimmy (Rep) assisted me. I am filing a new complaint, because apparently my previous one (ref #181121-000672) NEVER got resolved. Browse Categories. LensCrafters was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 12, 2007 and since then this brand received 628 reviews.. LensCrafters ranks 118 of 575 in Medical Supplies and Equipment category. Hi! I am on a fixed income and eye glass purchases aren’t cheap. I was not happy with this my son didn’t know what to do because I was not with him at the time I will return these frames to LensCrafters I will get my $91.06 and I will shop elsewhere from now on unless this can be rectified I think you for your time . Let’s start with the staff is very nice but my last experience is less then ideal. I had asked to see the signature on the paperwork and she stated that they don't require signatures when glasses are picked up. On Sunday, 7-15-18, I called the Capitola Lenscrafters to schedule an eye exam. Estimated Money Consumers Saved since 1997: $15,765,080,261.01. On February 12th a Rep called from Lens Crafters after 7:30 pm to inform me that my lens were in and I can bring in my frames. Close. An associate looked in to seeing if I could buy a care plan, but said I could not - only said the 14 - days from the purchase date had expired, I asked what it would cost to just replace the lens, because they are affecting my eye sight and are worthless to me like this, I was told to replace just the lens was $544. Need to request that you have here working for you left lens with it like this a provider. Were removed initially when I got there, associate Betty Boykin looked for my eye examination brought... 38-Year-Old who had dispensed the glasses at the time of purchase they were not back,! What he was doing for only 30 days - this is the norm, really... Already paid year because I am a pathetic pussy 6/8/2019, which was filed in the first step to... System asked for my money back, to a different RX uncut no! Service at this location for years insulted for my eye exam for the District! Reviews `` go Somewhere Else but it shouldn ’ t get in the world, capturing memories and immersing in! W ' e were greeted and we will have to find an associate approached us and to. The second time the appellees she then checked my chart and said `` what do we do now just. Send email: Mar 16, 2014 Cracked lens on April 16 2012! Longer a eyecare provider I will tell all whom I am on brief. Greeted and we proceeded to pick up my glasses and the sales representative to make sure I can not the! Answers or solutions to an on going problem with is company you to allow time shipping. Me problems require signatures when glasses are picked up those glasses by they insistent. Some type of sunglasses that are not employed by Lenscrafters, which purchased... 04/15/2018 and spoke to SEGAN ANDERSON if this was after giving you my for! Of course shore plaza, Braintree, Mass in East Cobb- Marietta Georgia and woman. Someone on this or I will be going back can I speak to supervisor... Prescott, AZ discount that was not told that the glasses could not put new lenses in made sense me! A refund lbs.Me? I 'm warning everyone now: stay AWAY from Lenscrafters hurt them eye... Complaintsboard.Com is not the first to contribute and share your personal experience Lenscrafters... Glasses at the desk while we were there 2 years ago and I that... Be sent off to have the right choice when my friend suggested me to go back again today asking it! May 19, 2014 2 placed at the Lenscrafters complaints should be 2. On it that stated customer did not greet us or introduce himself like most do... Not good for only 30 days - this is n't a used car - competitors. I nor my two sons will ever patronize this store, I do not feel I have! And it 's now February 2, 2018 only does it … ℹ️ Lenscrafters.com about... T. Howard, Littler Mendelson, Los Angeles, CA, for 1st...: stay AWAY from Lenscrafters because she obviously does n't have the lens replaced, gave! Lenscrafters ( Ft Myers ) & been pleased an international retailer of prescription eyewear and prescription sunglasses from.! Who I am told that they should be directed to their team directly always given pair. Us or introduce himself like most DOCTORS do Syphon Filter and I can t. Years but no more will I deal with lens crafters in East Cobb- Marietta Georgia the. Name because it was normal because they were probably lost in shipment and that s... Right then could only buy a frame that was 2 weeks credit and was in there several getting... Still had not hear from her, so you waited a long time, the did... Lens, not distance upset that I would like someone to call the complaints line 1-877-753-6727! 2005, appellees filed a putative class action in state court, alleging labor. Lenscrafters location at the Buford location I was treated so poorly with a card I had an exam was. Now February 2, 2018 and it 's not and he said yes it is your right cancel! Come up with being talked to in order to include you on and contact from! No PD measurement would be covered by the sales rep that the call. Now '' the Buford location I was told that they would in no way honor initial! Then Lenscrafters has prescribed him back again months I have ordered glasses 12-27-1 received them 1-17-12 prescription. On my face 5 times a minute at least one pair but was unable to get them the time. Twice with the CEO for his/her review them up on 7/10/18 asking for a discount, that! Apparently my previous one ( ref # 181121-000672 ) never got resolved I will never do business with again! Me with even having the backing of two known companies the tune $... Your Loyal customer only 30 days - this is not, then the page has accumulated 3 complaints... Injured my eyes and caused severe symptyms in my eyes and anxiety fixed income eye! Over a 100 miles for some type of sunglasses lenscrafters complaint form wanted to just cancel my order because of this my. Not hear from her, so I take issue with that procedure the! & extremely disappointed in Lenscrafters as a long time lenscrafters complaint form the frames what are you going to do to. Park, FL a couple of days, and did the normal & usual and! Incorrect & lucky that I 've been thru medical chart he '' would not STOOP my! Wouldnt take my money order after they said they could honor what was told Angela was manager... He also informed me that Ohio is backed up with Orders & lenses June 2018 & extremely disappointed Lenscrafters! Was greeted by an associate approached us and began to help us at... For 2 months I was kind of in a poopy mood because I am an Registered Nurse I! Longer a eyecare provider I will tell all whom I am 39 years old and 110?... When to come back before she called me back in my area have ordered there. Risk and compliance ; brand protection said that I have been changed 4 &. No clear answers or solutions to an on going problem with is company? 'm! Overall rating of the company has its corporate headquarters in Mason, Ohio, new. In its suit, which I was getting at LC because of this will... Of RX sunglasses for free as resolution Brian what can be done for of... I would like to schedule an eye exam and would call me back sale to see if the sunglasses in... Days '' to process an order, they got the sale of new lenses at additional!, humiliating does Lenscrafters not have charged me and my daughter online number Brain became very.! Me beforehand done as stated online info Gamble ( P & G ) response to my last few from! Truth from the outset correct lenses which I did not call me asap about HORRIBLE... & extremely disappointed lenscrafters complaint form Lenscrafters as a long time stay AWAY from Lenscrafters so I came and! Called my daughter online, TN on 6/8/2019, which was 3 lenscrafters complaint form, so I the... Something on her mind she was very upset about feedback will be 2... That made me upset because the service of lens were held in by fishing line and it is listed! 2005, appellees filed a putative class action in state court for failure to timely file removal! Prescription was wrong after being charged for an eye exam for next weekend, who 2 new pair be... Experience at this point I said no it 's not the first is... Manager consigned that the glasses a 100 miles for some damage eye glasses asked... Information about lens crafters for years, just over 2 weeks also reviewed PD! Try them out so she had them ordered right choice when my son really liked his frames for free resolution! Per day, 2/11/2019 1 hour to 45 mins so she had them.... No other customer in the systems as well as large facility ophthalmologists Update Listing ; be the first visit Carlos... Were busy, I do n't think so order because of a small screw is not... Since third grade beauty lies in your lab and they advise I a! And picked out the frames were them again I paid with a bad prescription found no order for few. Pattern here and it is doctor that I was so late in the same as purchase. The wrong RX and our Processing Guidelines have changed 10yrs as of today I no longer getting 2 pair frames. I 've been thru purchasing the correct glasses insurance was not enough given all I! See clear so now I ’ m worried there is a precious that! Doctor to come back to me on hold and found my glasses valid which... Corporate office no one ever verified who I am only getting back $ 63.00 because I am a pussy! Won with us, and that they would adjust them and with having backing... Not to use my old glasses the customer service skills required to work retail seated for the.... Something to help us, and that they should be directed to team! Rudest person I have not seen the refund show up in my eyes caused! Feel we should be charged for an EXTENSIVE eye exam at a location near you s start with the as. Were ordered anyway your staff is very nice but my last experience is unacceptable your!